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ive been searching for recipes that take the elite up to its 300 degree potential but i cannot find any. they are all 225 to 250. if it can go up to 300 why not use it?

i want to try some abts at 300 with some leftover pulled pork, cream cheese and cheddar wrapped in bacon. at that temp wouldnt that crisp up the bacon pretty good? i love hot spicy food and i realize the jalapenos would be hot because cooked so fast.

reason i ask is when i do fatties at 225 the bacon is not completely done (sausage hits 165) so i need to unwrap the bacon and finish on skillet.

also, wouldnt 300 temp help crisp up the chicken skin? when i do chicken on the grill i do it hot and fast.

does anyone here cook at 300? just looking for some recipes to try at 300
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I think for the chicken skin you could follow the recipe then kick it up at the end to crisp the skin. Bottom line mate, give it a go, see how it works. If it's not good, get rid of the evidence, eat it.

As for the 300 degree recipes. It seems the 300 degree ability of the CS Essential and Elite models is a new thing. There's been some changes to the descriptions, such as a new 14X18" grill, and the 700 watt 300 degree element. The recipes prolly reflect the 250 degree limit of the previous model.
I smoke turkey and chicken wings at 300 degrees in my Amerique. As with everything else in this smoker, they turn out AWESOME. As a side note - I always do beer can turkey (after injecting with marinade) with half an onion in the neck cavity for the extra moisture and flavor. I put the probe in the breast and cook to an internal temperature of 170. This takes about 17-18 minutes per lb. I generally try to do 12-16 lb turkeys since I believe they tend to be more tender than the larger birds.
Tried a slab of spare ribs last week at three hundred degrees. Thought I might be able to get the whole cook done in the three hours between me and my wife getting home from work. At 60 minutes they were grey with about an eighth-inch pullback. At 90 minutes they looked cooked through, but still tough as heck. I was afraid of ending up with no dinner, so I abandoned the smoker and beer-braised them on the grill.

Tried some chicken wings at the higher temp and the skin improved from rubbery to stiff. Not enough for me to get excited about, but it was edible.
It's not the 300, it's the "more" than 250. Gives you more options.

Also, it's a design feature more than a means of cooking at that temp. With the design change, the bigger element allowed for more temp and thus more options.

And given the 10,000+ posts I know the recipes are there, but Q'in isn't about a recipe, it's about technique. Learn where the technique might apply and you can adapt recipes yourself.

Think of the expanded range as another weapon in the arsenal:

Smoke chicken at a lower temp for more smoke, but finish it at 275 to 300 for a better skin

Turkey can be smoked like chicken OR done the entire time at the higher temp.

Ribs work for me full time at 275

Beef, smoke low and finish at the higher temp
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Not all things lend themselves to smoking,or cooking low and slow.

The oft heard 225º, as the standard,is because most things work there.

The low and slow is to render fat and break down the collagen.

To take otherwise useless meat and make it tender.

When cooking above the 300º,you are basically becoming your house oven and not a smoker.

i.e poultry breast has minimal fat and collagen,so we could fry it and accomplish the cooking.

Pork loins,from the new lean market hogs,have very little fat/moisture,so many cooks either oven cook them-over 300º,ot hot grill them.

Pork tenderloin could be another candidate for the same method.

Pizza could be another choice to hot cook.

Beef tenderloin could be another.

Those of us that cook comps on FEC s,often have traditional Cookshacks ,as well.

Our FEC may go to 400º,but I can't think of anything I cook at 300º.

If I don't want smoked turkeys,I sometimes cook them at 325º.

Hope this helps a little.

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