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Originally posted by Cook One:

Hey Smokin,when you post, how about letting us know what part of the world you are posting from so we can keep up with you. Like where's Waldo???

Waldo here.

So, it's not always about BBQ, will the Moderator let me post? LOL

So 2016 is upon us.

If you are in FB and haven't friend-ed me, why not?

If you're not in FB and want to find me I'll try to stop back buy and update you on the travels. Got a new lense for the Camera and have too many shots to post but I try.

It's now 2016 and we are headed to New Orleans for a month. We'll be there Tuesday, for two weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday. We're going to do lots of parades and Mardi Gras stuff and just be tourists.

Any tips, ideas. Save the warnings, we already know how crowed, crazy it will be. Some of our kids and friends are coming (to camp in the RV).

After MG, we'll be there two more weeks to see New Orleans after the tourist leave. Now it will be more time to explore, eat and have fun with those crazy tourists gone.

We will be heading to Texas, then OK, then KS and into Missouri for July 4th. Later in the year we will be going through the Midwest (IL, IN, OH, KY, TN). Feel free to post places to visit and stay. Always looking for a great RV spot.
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Thanks for the tips.

We have a mail service that allows us to establish residency. SD, Florida and Texas are places where they are based. Note that all three states don't have state income taxes. Cool We are tagged in Texas and get our mail weekly or scanned if we want.

It's a whole new world, learned a lot on the road.

Had a great double cut pork chop last night.

Our first parade is tonight.
Made it back to Oklahoma, 11 months on the road. Here for two month (annual doctors visits, couple of weddings, etc). Just gonna hang out, then start planning the next year. About 10,000 photos, shooting with some new lenses, waiting for the new Canon Pro DSLR to come out.
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
Smokin Okie spotted in the UP. But I'm still bummed that you blew through Chicago without saying hey. Mad

Nope, my bad, actually drove around Chicago... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

One thing it's impossible to do is "find" everyone. FB is useless and I haven't been here since May.

Headed to Hershey, then Soth to Charleston and Savannah for my 61st Birthday.
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