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I'm not cooking rabbit or deviling eggs, but I am cooking for family. Going to play on my two new cookers. Got stuffed lobster going on the BGE and I haven't decided what to try on the Geer. It's so pretty it's kinda hard to get it dirty... Won't be using a single pellet!

May all your eggs be golden this weekend!



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Originally posted by smokin'101:
i see one of the contest this weekend your team name it was kings mountian it said you finished 27th or something like that. very afraid...

there must be more than one of me. I didn't compete. Met another Smoking Okie last year at a contest.

Looking forward to meeting you too, see you name many times being called.

You can find me easy enough, here's my new rig, shouldn't be hard to spot Big Grin


I visited The Trailer this weekend and it's great. It looks like an excellent set up for prepping food for the smokers and then assembling the trays. Plus, it is air-conditioned and has a cot in it. (Because when you are using an FEC you get to sleep all night!)

Now he just needs to get that logo plastered on it and he can travel down the highway with people smiling and honking and waving at him.

Donna Smiler
Showy thing, isn't it? Got it home a couple of weeks ago. It's so pretty I haven't cooked on it yet. It has new cooking grates, but they've been painted with hi-temp paint. I'm thinking I don't want to use them with the paint on there. What do you think? I think I've got to try a pellet burner on there somehow.

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