I finaly got a Cookshack Smokette Elite today after a year of wanting one and reading the forums. The seasoning is going well so far. When it first started it went all the way up to 284 but then settled back down to 200 and stayed right there like it is supposed too. It will be done seasoning in a few minutes and I have the first pork butt ready to go in and cook overnight. Cant wait to taste it.
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Congrats, YES,what a way to spend a Saturday night.

What's your 1st thoughts on how your smoker was made?
Its made very well. The fit and finish is awesome and it looks like it should last for years and years. I cant wait till next weekend when I try my first batch of baby back ribs.
Welcome aboard. The year spent waiting, wanting, saving, and drooling shall not have been spent in vain.

Cruising through the forum pages I saw someone’s signature line said “the fastest way to get a double chin is to buy a CookShack”

How true it , so much Q and so little time.
Dang, I cant move now. Took that first PB off at 1:00 today, double wrapped it in foil and a towel. Let it rest 2 hours and opened her up and pulled it. Was still almost too hot to handle. Had 2 big ole sandwiches with just a little head country barbque sauce and man those sandwiches were good. Super tender and moist. Good smoke flavor. This little smokette just almost makes it idiot proof

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