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I am smoking a 10LB brisket and loaded it with a 2oz chunck of oak (almost exactly the size of the the chunks that came from cookshack). Its dry but not overly dry. It smoked nicely for 90 minutes and then nothing. I opened the box and it was fully burned to charcoal (black). I just added another piece but I think something wrong. Any ideas? Thanks.....
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Probably nothing is wrong as what you described sound normal. After about 8hrs the charchoal looking wood will have been turned to complete ash. You will probably see this after the brisket is done. When possible load the wood in the woodbox as close to the front as possible. This is were the element is hottest and the wood seems to burn the best.

Once the oven starts to cycle on and off as it reaches the set temp you will see a decrease in smoke out the top and it will also start and seem to stop but then start up again. I think you will need the second piece of wood anyway but it could have been put in at the start.
You don't say which model smoker you have. I agree you probably needed 2 chunks also if your smoker is new and not yet seasoned well. When the wood first starts smoking it is heavier smoke and after a while it starts burning cleaner and gets more bluish or almost clear and hard to see but that is the good smoke.

Make sure the heating element is not touching the woodbox. If it is, you can bend it downward very gently just enough so it don't touch. Also, make sure you are installing the woodbox correctly. With most CookShacks, it will only fit one way.

Good luck and have fun.

Originally posted by sushiphil:
... Its dry but not overly dry...

How do you know? You would have to measure the moisture level to really know. Just means we have no way of knowing (well, unless mold is growing) The relative moisture within the wood can still be high or low. If it burns fast like that, it's probably very low. It just happens. You can also put more wood in (careful, the box will be hot) and add time for opening the door.

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