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A former McDonalds owner kept some of his inventory when he closed his stores in North Dakota. Among them was a 1 gallon jug of McJordan BBQ Sauce, from 1992 when Jordan was leading Da Bulls to back to back NBA Titles... Some McDonalds stores sold a limited edition item called the McJordan Burger with that sauce on it.

Sold the other day for $9995.00 !!

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I was looking at other McJordan items on eBay, there is a piece that sat atop the register hawking the McJordan burger (1/4 pound patty, cheese, onions, pickles, smoked bacon and bbq sauce). It's listed at $4995.00 !!

There's some crazy people collecting stuff - fueled some by these silly reality hoarder and storage wars shows.

I'm cheap, a 2 liter bottle of cold Coke Zero and I'll work all day - well, for that and a smile at dinner time.
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