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OK...Thanks to all who provided tips on smoking the chickens! I did buttery fly them and they were awesome!

Now, how about a 15lb Pork Butt? I will be rubbing it down tonight in preparation for a Saturday night feast. Set smoker @ 225?? and take the meat to 195*?? How many hours you think? It is going to be a lovely 35 with lows in the teens Friday night into Saturday...

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
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That's a monster....15lbs!!!Mine run 7-9lbs and take 16-18 hours at 225F to get to 195F internal. Put it in now and it might be ready for dinner tomorrow night. I'd allow a full 24 hours, so noon on Friday I would put it in and if ready early, foil it, wrap in a couple towels and put it in a dry cooler. I hope you're using a probe.
Where are you located to buy this pig.

If that is an actual 15 lb butt,it must have come off a 700 lb sausage sow.

Had to be family farm raised.

Now that rascal could take awhile to come tender.

If it is in cryovac,it likely is a couple of 7-8 lb butts.

If it is a whole shoulder,which are hard to find,except special order,even in the South,you are probably talking 16-18 hrs at 225º.

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