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Took 24 and a half hours to smoke my first butt with internal at 199. Wraped with foil let sit about 3.5 hours in an igloo type cooler and unwrapped the most beautiful thing since my first bicycle at Christmas.

Now some questions: #1. Should a 7.5 pound boneless pork butt taken that long to cook? I opened the door once at what I thought was half way point 6 hours. Turned the temp knob to 250 for duration without ever opening the door again.
#2. Tha actual temp at the rack where the butt was cooking was never over 200. Even when I removed the butt 18 hours later, looked at the temp gauge it read just under 200. Does this sound normal?

Anyway great pork and the wait was worth it.

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That is a little long as far as I am concerned. I usually cook 8lb butts and the longest one has taken is 18 1/2 hours. From your other post you said you started at 200 degrees. I would give it another shot with the temp at 225 and see how long it takes. All my butts have taken between 14 and 18 1/2 hours. However, each piece of meat is different, so it is possible it just needed that long to finish.

As far as internal smoker temperature, it does swing quite a bit, which is normal. When mine is set at 225, it will swing from 200-240 degrees.

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