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Tomorrow’s project is to do about 25 pounds of jerky. I bought two knuckle sirloins which had been bulgogi sliced paper thin. Removed the fat (1.5 pounds total fat) and marinated the first half with High mountain teriyaki and the second half with a mixture of tender quick, McCormick's Applewood rub, powered sugar and brown sugar. Thru them in the fridge and will smoke in the morning, till I get them all done. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow.
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Ok, just filled four racks with about eight pounds of jerky, set it on 165 to get some smoke then I'll crank it up to 200 till done. When UPS gets here I'll have three more racks, and can do a little more. I'm not two worried about overcrowding the smoker, as the meat is paper thin: all of it is less than 1/8th inch. It still has a little fat and 'white stuff' which would have destroyed all the nice pieces if I would have taken it off. It is much easier to remove with kitchen shears after it is dried. Besides, my dog will enjoy some of these pieces.


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Finally finished the Jerky. The racks I ordered came around 1PM from UPS and it sure is faster cooking jerky with 7 racks in stead of 4. It all came out well. I started with almost 24 pounds of meat, removed about 1.5 pounds of fat, probably taste tested about a half a pound. it finished out about 11 pounds total. It is very thin, so probably got more moisture off of it then thicker meat. 15 hours total smoking today at low temps 150-180. My FEC 100 used less than 5 pounds of pellets. I got to get some rest, tomorrow is 25 pounds of Sausage.

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