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Well, after reading a cpouple of other posts, I thought might put some other results up.

One of our local Scout groups was looking for a way to raise funds, for a trip this summer to Michigan State. A large scout event. We talked about thing to to and I had heard about a group of scouts in Texas taht cooked briskets every year as a fund raiser.

So that' one of the ideas they went with.

Got 7 cases of packers from Sysco last week, and then friday evenng we got started. About a dozen of us flew into unwrapping and rinsing off the meat and then patted dry, then trimmed and rubbed the meat. Ended up doing 30 this go around. Took about 1 1 /2 hours to get all the prep done. Very happy, thought it would go much longer.

Put them on a 8:00pm. Wrapped them around 9:00 am. And then took them to 195. Pulled them off and placed in warmer and cambros till the people came and picked them up. All went well. got some comments back early eveing, and everyone seems happy.

Looking at doing again in the spring. Hoping to do 42 next time, that will max me out. The guys should make $750 this time and I hope $1,050 next time.

Oh, everyone loves the Cookshack brisket rub. Used 2 1/2 gallons. But that is what makes them good.

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Funny how we labor over one ,or two and sometimes the results can turn out "iffy".Bad meat,pulled too early,or late,etc.

Have been fortunate to attend some rodeos,race events,cattle drives,etc where the old cooks may be doing 250-300 packers of varying quality and sizes.

The cooks go to the old 24 hrs+ at low/slo with salt,pepper,garlic,onion.A bunch of different cookers,cooks having to work on some they may not be familar with,packers loaded on,untrimmed, as they get unpacked from the cases.

Nobody has heard of a therm and don't need to.

Everybody has neoprene gloves and heavy two tined meat forks to move meats around to hot and cool spots.They tell "done" by will it slide off the meat fork ,when they try to pick it up.

The next morning,as they come done,they are tossed naked into those big heavy,white coolers that are supposed to hold five days.Some may remain a couple hrs,some maybe twelve.

When serving starts,they lift them out,scrape off the cooked fat with the back of the knife,Separate the point from flat by running their gloved hand between them and using the back of their knife to scrape off the loose fat.
They then turn the point so the fibers run the same way,lay the point on the flat and start slicing.

Onto your plate with a couple sides,some sliced japs,and a cold ,longneck Shiner Bock.

Now that is "good eats". Cool

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