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Stopped by Walmart yesterday and the man marked all the briskets down to 1.74/lb. I got three: one 15 pounder and two twelve’s.

These were the nicest briskets I've seen yet. Some marbling thru the meat. I took about 1.5 lbs of fat off the larger one and less than a half pound each of the other two. I saved the fat in a Ziploc bag with some marinated and rub in the fridge.

Rubbed them down with a mixture of Worcester Sauce and EVOO and put some cookshack brisket rub on them on all sides.

Loaded the FEC with BBQ Delight Cherry pellets (thought I'd give the cherry a try, I bought a 1/2 ton which is mostly hickory blend). At 3PM, I put all three on fat side down at 180. Will smoke for about four hours and boost to 240 until done, which I hope to be before I have to pull them at 9am tomorrow. The largest went on the very bottom, with the others spaced evenly in the middle and top racks. Put the Points toward the left rear on all racks, figuring it'll be a little hotter there, especially on top. I'll rotate the top two before I go to bed.

Also, I'll take the left-over marinated fat and lay it across the top of each brisket before I go to bed tonight. Don't know if it'll do any good, but I hate to throw away such good looking fat.

Here's some pics.


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Woke up at 5AM to work on the Sunday School Lesson. The FEC was humming along at 226 (set at at 226 overnight instead of the planned 240). Internal temps on the briskets ranged from 176 to 190. It's 630 and they are all above 185 with most above 190-195. I turned the FEC down to 180 and will Foil them about 830 or so and put them in the cooler to stay warm. One of my buddies is going to get one after church about 1230, so It'll still be hot. Still can't find
the blessed card reader to post pics.

Don't be afraid of any piece of meat. Do some research in the 101s on this forum or use the find button. Make a plan. Begin at your serving time. Prior to that, allow at least 2-4 hours of hold time (for heavy cutts such as brisket or butts) and plan your smoke prior and your prep prior to that.

Getting a good chunk of meat for a brisket is most of the battle. I think I got some good ones this time, we'll see. Heres a pic of them in the FEC


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Originally posted by TechMOGogy:

I am scared to cook a brisket still

Oh come now! I'll bet you a box of donuts that if you take a 12# Choice packer, season it with salt and pepper, smoke it fat side down till 195 o internal, your end result will be heads above 98% of the brisket you've ever eaten in a commercial Que joint. Just be sure to rest it in foil for 30+ minutes.
I cleaned it one time before I did some work to it. Just because I didn't want to get all dirty working on it. Turns out, I was not really needed, but Oh, Well, sure looked good. It's dirty again! I just vac the firepot, change the foil on the grease slide each time. I keep about four layers of foil on grease slide and floor and just pull the top layer off when it gets dirty. I also take the grease tube (that goes down to the drip pan) out and clean it good often, don't want it to clog and cause a overflow/fire.

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