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Ok  I have read on many forums that have talked about the PG500/1000. There always seems to be someone that says they use the 4zone quick guide to know what temp to set it at. Anyone know if this actually exists, if anyone has it, if this is BS or something that one has to create on their own. I do not mind doing something I just hate reinventing the wheel. 

Thank you. 

2 day New PG500 owner and very impressed so far. 


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Don't know about any quick guide, but if you have any questions I have a few years of personal usage of the PG500 and would share any knowledge I might have accumulated with you....just ask!

Congrats on the new grill. 

I still use the heck out of mine, by the way, Stuart has made some videos on the usage of it for cooking steaks, shrimp, burgers, etc.

i have made the Cheesy burgers and the Proscuitto wrapped Chicken breasts so far. I also Did some wings tonight. I am on day 2. This is maybe the best grill I have owned in over 36 yrs of grilling and Doing BBQ. and Yes i know the difference LOL I can not wait to do more and more. I have a smoker I have dialed in. I just needed a grill to replace propane. This seems to hit the mark. 

I don't worry about consistent temps, FE always believed that you needed swings to get more smoke flavor on pellet grills.

Smokin' taught a lot of us, when he was moderator, that meat doesn't know or care if the temps are consistent. I have been around the comp circuit for a few years and agree with this thought too.

I run mine at 15-75 and smoke mostly in the 250-275* range. I grill at 300-325* and these settings work for that also. 

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