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I will be traveling ~5 hours with a freshly smoked porkloin and tri-tip(I know don't smoke the tri-tip) I plan to FTC both products but I am concerned about holding temps especially since the internal temps will probably never exceed 150 when they are pulled from the smoker.

I will not have access to a grill at my destination however there will be an oven and, dare I say it, a microwave.

Any suggestions on how to safely travel and how to re-heat at my destination would be appreciated.
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Well. I guess this is a little late for your situation, but this may be helpful for others in the future. The Virtual Weber has good information on holding, storing and reheating cooked foods including how to keep food warm safely for an extended period.

Naturally, it mentions the FTC method, but offers a suggestion for holding food even longer if needed. Offers preheating the cooler with hot water first, but also offers this method:

Wrap several fireplace bricks in heavy duty aluminum foil. Heat in a 500°F oven for 30 minutes. Place a thick layer of dry towels in the bottom of the ice chest, then add the hot bricks, then a thin layer of moist towels. Add foiled meat, then more towels. Close lid.

Using the normal FTC method, a brisket was kept at or above 140*F for 3 hrs and 15 minutes. I would think using the brick method could get you to 5 hrs if needed. My only question would be whether the hot bricks would continue to cook the meat. Maybe place a trivit between the bricks/moist towels and the foiled meat.

The article also covers both hot and cold storage of food. Hope this helps some.
Last edited by pags for "me" I think you've got problems brewing. Not from a safety standpoint, but choice of meats.

The pork loin is difficult to smoke and like. It dries out pretty darned quick. A 5 hour hold won't help that much.

"I" would roast the loin...ok, smoke it for a while if you want to present sumpin' from your smoker, but I like them roasted at a higher temp. "Low and slow" seems to drain all the juices, and there is no fat to render. I'd take my loin chilled, wrapped in foil, get to where I'm going, slice it thin and reheat for sandwiches in a broth/butter/worcestershire bath and serve on fresh buns.

As far as the tri-tip. Take it raw, build a fire in their fireplace, or wood fire in the backyard, or? and cook it like a steak... which, by the way, it is.

OR...smoke a pork butt, which everyone will love and can easily be transported and kept warm, AND do a chuck roast in your CS for the non-pork eaters. You will dazzle 'em!!!

My thoughts are more about good food, rather than food safety on this one.

Hope my 2 cents helps. Whatever you choose let the group as to run out and do the same, or avoid in the future.

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