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So, my better half, Tom, is STILL trying to catch up to me. He's at 6,000 posts (well almost) and I just wanted to say thanks to Tom.

I first met him through this forum and we've form a friendship over the years. Tough time for him and the family this year (aren't they all)

Thanks Tom, you are such a critical part of the forum, I couldn't do it without you Big Grin

You 'da MAN!
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Thanks for the kind words and the pleasure has been all mine.

I've learned as much as I've given,and more.

Barbara and I ,and our families ,have had one of those six month periods that most families struggle through from time to time.

Hopefully "law of average" will make the coming year a great one. Big Grin

Through all this,it is always great to have the "Cookshack family" as one of the real pleasures in life. Cool

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