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I've been fine tuning my briskets lately, and think I'm doing pretty well. (I'm not going to be cocky enough to say that I have it nailed Smiler )

Here's where I am in the fine tuning... I've been cooking packer cut briskets from Walmart. I trim the brisket, leaving a fat cap of about 1/4 inch. I give the brisket a thin slather of yellow mustard and then a liberal coating of Montreal Steak Seasoning (Actually, I've been using a clone from Sam's called Canadian Steak Seasoning)and then letting it sit in the refrigerator uncovered for at least 8 hours. I've been cooking them at 225 with 2 oz of pecan and 2 oz on apple in my 008 until they hit 190 internal (about 1 1/2 hours per pound). No mop. no spraying. No opening the door. Once they hit 190, I probe them in a few spots to make sure that they are done, and then I pull them from the cooker and FTC for a couple of hours. They have been coming out great, with a nice bark and very moist.

Here's the first one...

This one was 9 lbs and took about 13 hours. It was cooked about three weeks ago at the request of a co-worker. He lives in Southern California and I am in the Chicago area, but we were getting together for a week of team meetings at our HQ in the DC area. He was craving brisket, so I told him I would bring one. For the trip, I wrapped it in four layers of Saran wrap and refigerated it. Then before heading to the airport I stuck it in a cooler with a bunch of ice packs and carried it with me on the plane to DC. We heated it in the office cafeteria on Monday evening.

Here's the latest...

I cooked this one on Friday night/Saturday of the past weekend. This was a 15 1/2 lb monster that took 23 hours. It turned out great. The point on this covered almost the entire flat. I have a large chunk of the point in the refrigerator and will be making burnt ends for dinner on Thursday night.

Sorry for the long post...
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Well... Remember, you asked... Roll Eyes

I have a maverick ET-73 and a Nutemp with three remotes for remote monitoring and a Taylor "instant" read for spot checking (I put instant in quotes since I really don't think that 7 seconds is instant).

With the Maverick, there is a food probe and a smoker probe. I usually don't use the smoker probe with my Smokette since it regulagtes heat on its own. I use the smoker probe when I use my WSM to monitor pit temps.

For both the maverick and the nutemp, I just run the probe through the top vent and stick it into the meat in an appropriate place. For a brisket, I usually stick the probe in the flat below the middle of the point. once the meat gets close to the desired temp, I usually use the Taylor to probe in a few spots, both for temp and for feel.

How's that? Smiler
Hey Ron, congrats on the success.

Hey, question. I can't tell from the photo, but are you cutting that cross grained or with the grain? Looking at the whole brisket, I can imagine which way the grain runs and it looks like you cut with the grain?

Keep up the great work, you're doing fine. Thanks for the photos also.

I was kind of kitty-corner to the grain Roll Eyes

I normally cut a corner off of the brisket before rubbing, etc. so I can see the grain, but i forgot to do that on this one, so when I started slicing I missed the grain by a bit. Since it was just for family I didn't really care, so I just kept slicing.

Good eyes!

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