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At eight AM it was a calm Friday morning with rain forecast for later that day.
I had several pounds of meat I wanted to add a touch of smoke to for some Carne Guisada I’d wanted to make.

I fired up the trusty PG-1000 and after about fifteen minutes when it came up to my 180 degree setting I threw on my meat.

Well I live on a block long Cul-de-sac street with my deck facing the street.
I happened to look out the window in time (you guessed it) to see a fire truck unloading.

I went out on the deck and stopped the knocking on various doors by telling them it was me!
They asked if I had a fire and I said no just smoking some meat. (Lots of head slapping :-) )

No Idea who called or from where as we are a fairly tight street and every one called to see what was up……..

Love those pellet grills!!!!!!!!!!
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