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Hi all,I have something to share and a question.

First my share. for those interested, the following code is a $10 off $50 purchase on The code expires end of day tomorrow and was listed in my KCBS Bull Sheet. CODE: BSDEC10BUCKS

My question is, I know there are a few folks here who have the AMNPS. I checked out the web site and can't find the dimensions of it. They list the size of the saw dust ones and the tubes, but not the pellet one. Anyone know if it fits okay in the 025. I really want to get more smoke on my Salmon when cold smoking and start doing more cold cheeses (thanks to Mr. T.).

Thanks and Happy New Year to all, Vicki
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I have an AMNPS that has been used exactly twice in my FEC-100. It has started grease fires exactly twice in my FEC-100 and I am sick of replacing seals. Send me an address and I will send it to you. I'll even pay for shipping to get it out of my life. Good way to try it out without spending your hard earned cash.

I know some people who use the AMNPS in FEC-100s and swear by them...I swear at it every time I run across it in my garage!! I bought an SM-150 to replace the AMNPS when I need more smokeSmiler
Vicki B, I just bought an 8 inch tube to use in my 045. Puts out a dang lot of smoke, Like you, I want to use it for cold smoking salmon and cheeses.

Put it in the 045 with the cold baffle, 25 degrees F ambient temp. Never got above 54 degrees inside smoker.

I can't remember where I saw it, I think on the forum, but someone mentioned for better airflow get an old aquarium pump and run the hose up the bottom drain hole of the smoker to allow for more neded airflow.

Good luck, I think you'll love it. Happy New Year.
Vicki I use the 18" cylinder. Loaded with pellets it will run 12 hs +, lit on one end.

For cold smoking in my FEC100, I light both ends (takes a propane torch to do it) Once ignited, let the pellets burn 3-4 minutes and extinguish. The amount of smoke is abundant. 3 lb sides of salmon will be done in 3-4 hrs. No additional heat is needed this time of year. In summer months, I place a hotel pan of ice cubes under the fish. Normally, I smoke 4 sides at a time.
The air pump will help a little. I used it while trying to find different ways of using the AMNPS in different units for a friend. For me with the equipment on hand it's a PITA.

One of the main factors using the AMNPS is the pellet being used. In my search the easiest to burn are the pellets from Amazin. I tried two other brands, one would burn with a good amount of air flow, the other would not work at all, even after a short visit to the micro-wave.

For long smokes,I fill a food blender 1/4 full of the poor burning pellets and pulverize them to a very fine powder and then fill the smoker level with the dust. By lighting one end, I can get a 17 hours or more light smoke. In order to keep the heat down in a small smoker this is the method I would recommend.

Keep in mind when smoking cheese that you will want to keep the internal smoker temperature below 75°. You can play with it by adjusting the level of fuel being used.
Great advice everyone, thanks so much. I happen to have an extra aquarium air pump bc I have a 75 gallon working fish tank. I look forward to getting that AMNPS now to try, as I mentioned to KCBBQTruck, if it doesn't work for me I will be offering it up to the next lucky person (gotta pay it forward).


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
KCBBQTRUCK - I got it today! How wonderful. I said to my daughter, look, I got something wonderful in the mail that I didn't even have to pay for. In my house that's a great thing because I am always getting boxes, but the bill comes later.

I am so happy and look forward to trying the AMNPS as soon as possible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


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