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Originally posted by JohnnyK:
I smoked a pork butt 11 hrs (220-225) let it rest 30 min.

Sounds to me like you didn't give it enough time. How much did the PB weight? Using your temps, an 8 lb butt will easily go 14+ hrs. What led you to stop at 11 hrs?

There's a couple of very easy ways to tell when a pork butt is done. If it has a shoulder blade bone, the bone will pull free when ready. An internal temp of 190 - 195 will be on the money 99% of the time. A skewer or ice pick inserted into the center of the meat will slide in and out easily when ready.

Next time around, season well with a rub, wrap tightly with plastic and refrigerate a cpl of hours. Cook to 195, wrap in foil and rest the meat at least 30 minutes. You'll like it.

Brine won't penetrate the center. Once you get your basic technique down pat, you can try injecting the meat. Apple juice with a little Worcestershire works well.
The quality of the starting product, at times, dictates the end result or the need for a little more cook time. I've had some folks that wanted to throw an extra PB on the smoker and their "enhanced" Butt just took extra cooking time compared to the fresh Sam's PB that I'm accustomed to using.

Have too agree with MaxQue on it could have needed to cook longer.
As the other fine cooks have stated, sounds like it was undercooked. Mine usually take 12-14 hrs with a few going as long as 17hrs. Sounds like you may have cooked to a time instead of internal temperature.

I've got a butt going right now, threw it in last night at 9pm. It's at the 12hr mark and only at 173. But this time I cooked at a lower temp 190 overnight.

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