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Hello All!
Ok I'm going for my second smoke tomorrow afternoon. I want to first smoke some ABT's wrapped in bacon/brown sugar for apertizers. An hour latter or so after the ABT's are done I want to eat the smoked skinless chicken breast (Brining with the Smokie's 2001 brine over nite smoking with mayo & rub). So I plan on putting the chicken in after the ABT's are done. Question..if starting with a cold 009 set at 225deg how long to smoke the ABT's? Also do I need to add more wood (I think I'm going to try apple) after I pull the ABT's out if I use 2oz initially? I will smoke the chicken to 158deg then crisp them up for 3 min per side on my weber gas grill set at high. At least that's my plan. Any suggestions?

Wild Willie
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Maybe others have had better luck but from my own experience brining skinless/boneless chicken breasts overnight is just too long. I did that once because I got sh*tfaced and forgot them. Way too salty. 4 hours is about normal for me (when sober)
And GLH is right. You can't crisp up chicken with no skin. As a matter of fact I wrap skinless breasts with bacon while in the smoker. They are one thing that can dry out, even in a Cookshack
ABT s will be a function of size.

Some folks like the real thin sliced bacon,others will blanch the bacon to almost crisp-but still wrappable.

They could take from 30 mins,to 90 mins,depending on shape/weight/stuffing,etc.

I'd not add any more wood, this time.

Like the other fine cooks said,4 hrs is plenty of brine for breast fillets.

Unless you are making sandwiches,most folks wouldn't cook them at all.

If I were to finish on a grill,or lightly sauce and finish,I'd get them out of the smoker,closer to 140*.

They will finish much faster than you anticipate.

You could probably take them to 155* if the cooker was at max,throw them all into a ziploc,wrap in a towel for 1/2 hr and they'd be about right.

Just for fun,run out to the grocery,buy an 8 pk of thighs on sale,marinate the same four hrs in some zesty Italian salad dressing, skip the mayo and lightly and evenly apply your rub and cook to about 170*-175*.[160* if you wish to finish on the grill]

Let all taste test and that may easily help with the decision for next time.

Enjoy and let us know how it went.
12 hours of brining for skinless chicken breasts was way too much! I didn't read the suggestion till the morning when I took them out. They were too salty so next time only four hours. I'm learning fast to cook everything at 250 deg setting in the 009. The ABT poppers were in from a cold start for 1 1/2 hours at 235 deg. Took them out and they weren't done. Put them in for another half hour at full throttle. Turned out yummie!. I put the chicken breast in after I rubbed them with mayo and CS spicey rub (Warning this stuff is hot and I added way to much!). I used a E-7 probe in one breast and took them out at 165 deg reading after 1 1/2 hours. Got inside and double checked the reading with my Thermapen and it only read 130 deg??? Oh well I threw them on the gas weber grill for about 5 minutes per side. My wifes eyes almost popped out of the sockets after her first bite. Too salty & spicey for her. I ate mine anyways because I was starving. Might try a pineapple merinade next time on the breast with som Texas BBQ rub. May also try the zesty dressing suggestion..I use to use that on my steaks on the grill every once in a while.

Wild Willie
Smokin' would advise you to keep careful notes about all your cooks.

It is amazing how many details we forget,when we are not repeating the same process.

As to rubs,taste some on your finger/palm.

How concentrated would you put it on something on your plate,ie,steak?

CS Chicken Rub has no sugar,so it is good for hot cooking,grilling,frying,etc.

Lots of folks don't want much smoke on chicken pieces,and also like minimal seasoning.

Just a couple of thoughts.
I purchased a jalapeno corer from
and it has worked perfectly with both small to very large jalapenos. I have probably cored about 500 jalapenos so far with it and no problems at all. They were out of stock for a long time with them so I am unsure that if this is the same one or not that I got, but it looks like this site has the same one:

As far as customer service, the barbecue store has great service from what I have experienced.

Email has been fixed on my site if you try to get a hold of me again. The other week I went ahead and redid everything. It was pretty said at first since I do web development for a living.

Whats Up!!
Ok I got it right this weekend with my 009. I smoked the same skinless chicken breasts I bought from Costco. This time I marinaded them over nite in pineapple juice from a can of sliced pineapples with a table spoon of worcestershire sauce & added 1/2 TS of garlic powder and black pepper. Today I rubbed them "lightly" with Texas BBQ rub and dripped honey over the tops of the filets. Put them in a pan with a grate with all the pineapple marinade in the bottom of the pan some beer less than 1/4' total. Put the pineapple slices on the grate that I still had in the can in the frig after draining the juices used for the marinade. Sprinkled brown sugar on the pineapple slices. Cranked the 009 to full throttle 250 deg. and used 1 oz of Cherry wood. Cooked to 160 deg about 1 1/2 hour I think (Forget to look). I put them on the weber gas grill preheated to high for about 3 minute a side to get the nice brown grill marks : ). Severed over "rice roni" rice with the smoked pine apple slices on top of the Chicken breasts. NICE!! PS... My Neighbor was asking what smelled so good that I was cooking ; )

Wild Willie

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