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I am smoking salmon and I put too little wood on early. I'd like to add more smoke, so I added a couple small pieces to the pan. But, they won't smoke. The smoker temperature is 140. Is that too low to start the wood smoking? Is there a way to do this without having to increase the heat dramatically?
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Seems someone on the forum once suggested that a grill covered with aluminum foil can act as a fairly good heat shield. Have not tried it myself, but wanted to pass the suggestion on for those who might want to try it.

I've tiried it on the SMO45 doublecwrapped the lower grate with 2 layers of foil and a tray of ice directly on top of that. WORKED GREAT. Just bought the cold baffle but only got to use it once for cheese, not salmon. Will be difinitely trying both cold and hot smoked salmon after recouperating.

check the Cookshack recipe file for smoked salmon- the cold smoked is excellent.
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Here's the thing, it's all about fire management, something we forget since you don't have to much in this device.

Wood (logs, chunks) need more heat to ignite. With a burning element that cycles, you need more/higher temp for it to cycle more.

IF you low temp smoking, keep the above in mind.

for cold smoking, chips, sawdust and pellets work better because they ignite at lower temps.

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