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Our latest RV travels took us to California where we had a chance o meet Forum Member "Pags." Jim has been in the forum 7 years or so and we've shared many a post. He even sent me a box in the 2012 sauce/rub exchange.

We met at the Mustards Grill in Napa Valley. Had a great meal, shared a few stories and some great food.

This is one of my goals in this road trip over the next few years. Funny thing we spent so much time talking, we didn't take a photo together. I took a photo of Jim and his wife, he took a separate one of me.

Jim, thanks for the lunch but I enjoyed visit even more. See ya down the road.
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It was great meeting a forum member, let alone the grand master. We thoroughly enjoyed lunch. It was the first time I ate Duroc pork, but as Russ stated...the company was even better. It was great sharing a few laughs and a few stories.

Like Maureen said, "That is one nice man." Those of us on the forum already knew that. Why else would anyone spend the past 14+ years helping us improve our collective Q knowledge?

As Smokin tours the country, he'll be coming to a neighborhood near you. Connecting up with him is a real joy.

Hope you swing by this way sometime in the future Russ. Enjoy the country.

Living proof the event did happen Smiler

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Only been here a week, have two more. We aren't doing wineries every day. Not eating in the tourist places much. Too expensive for our retired budget and the one constant on this road trip is how disappointing the restaurant food is. Except SF. We ate at Somas and it was amazing.

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