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I found a great opportunity to pick up a used 2012 FEC120. I have had my eye on the FEC100 for the longest time but the price on the used FEC120 is too good to pass without consideration.

Question- Will I be just as happy with the FEC120 in a backyard setting for small catering jobs of maybe 5-6 a year and cooking for friends and family the rest of the time? Is it too much machine? The one thing I do like about the FEC100 is the stance. It seems taller and easier to get in and out of. The FEC120 looks low to the ground. I do like the fact that the fire box is not in or under the cooking chamber of the food box of the FEC120.

Help me decide!!!
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Many comps have been won and a lot of great Q has been (and continues to be) made with FEC100s. What's more, FEC100 owners significantly outnumber FEC120 owners on this Forum. However, there's no denying the FEC120 is Cookshack's answer to the fire hazards of the in-chamber firebox and the uneven heating of the FEC100. In other words, the FEC120 is the "upgrade" model. My observation is that if you're looking to simultaneously produce multiple competition entries, which would require multiple heat "zones," the FEC100 is for you. If you want the "improved" entry level FE pellet smoker, with more homogenous heating and slightly reduced cook times (convection cooking), go with the FEC120. Don't worry about the cost difference. As a long term investment, the price difference is really not an issue.
Hey Padrefan98, welcome to the FEC World!! I know you already appreciate pellet cooking since you have a PG500. Only problem with a FEC is that it can hold sooo much and produce such great Q, you figure you might as well fill it up each time you use - not that your friends and neighbors will object to that!

I debated between buying the FEC100 and the FEC120 5 years ago - I went with the 100 since it had a slightly smaller footprint. No regrets. Have fun with what ever you end up with.

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