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I’m going to smoke three 8lb butts in my Amerique, Thursday or Friday. Should I place one butt off center a bit on the bottom shelve, and the remaining two on the next shelf up? I’ll have the CS probe in one and a Thermogen probe in one of the others. Plan to set to 250, add 2 oz of apple, 2 oz of hickory.

Rather not open the door until all meat is done, unless the lower butt really gets to 195 before the other two.

My goal is to load in 6 nice size butts, max the capacity of the Q, see how it does, time and temp wise.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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Sounds like a good plan. If there is any noticeable difference in size, put the bigger butt fat side down on the bottom. I usually put things in the center because I like symmetry, but I don't think it will matter at all.

195* isn't a magic number, so if the bottom but hits 195* and the upper butts are at 190*, I'd save myself a trip and pull them all out. YMMV.

You can pull, wrap, and cooler them as suggested here frequently, but if I don't need them for a few hours(like when they finish at 4am Smiler) I usually just turn the smoker off and let them sit with door closed, or put on hold temp. Even with smoker off, batch I cooked the other day were still at 153* about 5 hours later. Save your foil.

Have fun. Good eats.
I cook the butts at 250 in my 009 and I will spray them with apple juice at 150 deg. I have an air pump bottle which works well. I've tried foiling the butts at that time a few times but have found it doesn't make a difference with the butts. I also spray my baby backs at 3 hours with apple juice and then foil for 2 hours baste then 1/2 hour uncovered then on the grill for 10min with glaze or sauce. I cook everything in aluminum pans with a raised grate with a beer in the bottom of the pan at the intitial start of the cook. Makes foiling easy and I hate to clean. I rarley have to clean the grates or replace the foil on the bottom of the smoker other than every 4 or 5 smokes. I know some people on here will crindge at that but it works for me : ). I've been know to hold the butts at 150deg setting if they finish earlier for a few hours. I usually will kick it up back to 250 about 1/2 hour before pulling them. Will wrap them with foil in a cooler if traveling to a party with the goods.

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