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So I climbed up on the ledge, deliberated for a few weeks, then jumped! My Amerique 066 gets delivered tomorrow. I very excited and praying that the unit arrives undamaged and ready to do battle.

I have a very ambitious weekend of smoking scheduled so I'm certain I will check in from time to time for hand-holding, encouragement, tips, techniques, and ideas.

Many thanks to the guys who run this forum for helping me make what I think will be a momentous decision...

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Heck, there is only one guy that runs this forum, and I would like to thank Smokin' for that also.

Congrats on taking the leap of faith, I'd bet in a short time you'll be like the rest of us and wonder why you didn't do it earlier.

Remember there will be a small learning curve, if your use to using another type of smoker...and as Smokin' has told all of us, "it's done when it's done".

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