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I started with a Weber Smokey Mountain,then a Klose offset, and am now looking for a smoker I don't have to mess with all the time. The Fast Eddy looks great, but I don't do competitions or cook for huge crowds. Seems like overkill maybe. I am now thinking about the Americue Smoker. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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This may be more than you want to know, but
here's what I've found.

The three things I like about the AmeriQue are the space, the "hold" features and the temp stability.

I did 8 racks of spare ribs the other night. I As I was saucing them, I thought to myself how easy it is to work with the AmeriQue. It's wider than the 50 and makes getting to the food much easier. It's just not as crowded as the 50, even with a full load (and a full load is much more food. As long as I'm smoking, it doesn't take that much more effort to do eight racks vs two. They freeze just fine and I never run out of folks who want them. You don't have to squeeze them into the AmeriQue. Having shelves that hold whole racks of spares beats cutting them up and shoehorning into a 50 every time. Trust me. Same goes for butts and big briskets too.

I got involved in a project while I was cooking a batch of beef ribs the other day. When I got back to the smoker, it had dutifully dropped down to "hold" so I just left it alone for an hour while I fixed the rest of the meal. The ribs were as perfect as I can make them. If I'd been using the 50, they would have been overdone and I would have been stressed out knowing they were cooking and I couldn't get back to take them out.

Although, the 50 does a good job, from my experience with the AmeriQue, I've found it to be more consistent with respect to time to cook. And I think that's because of the stable temps. The controller is spot on and doesn't vary more than a degree or two. The other thing I noticed last night was how quickly the unit came back to temp after I opened it to sauce the ribs.

If you can come up with the bucks, go with the AmeriQue. You wont be sorry.It's a more relaxing, easier way to go. Without having used the 50, it's not easy to visualize the differences. I have and would never go back. Don't worry about making the wrong choice with Cookshack's 30 day guarantee. The AmeriQue is it. The first time you use it, you'll say "why did I even consider the other one."

Let me know how else I can help and what you decide.

Hi Mark!

I went from using a Klose offset to a WSM. Now I own an AmeriQue. The temp stability is outstanding just as Hook says. Mine never varies by more than a couple of degrees. I've done butts, ribs and chicken and the meat comes out tender and moist with a nice smoked flavor.

The Amerique holds a lot more product than the WSM and is not nearly the fuss of the Klose offset.

It is very economical as well, using only 1oz - 6oz(s) of wood and minimal electricity.

I definitely would recommend the AmeriQue and as SmokinOkie told me, "you can now concentrate on flavors and technique."


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