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i'm absolutely loving my amerique.
so far, we've turned out many sets of ribs (spares, loinbacks and tonite, short ribs) as well as pulled pork and kippered salmon!!

while contemplating a sm160 for sale locally on craigslist, i came across the sm160 manual and found this:

The IQ controller is equipped with a power backup system to prevent your Smoker from ‘forgetting’ what it is doing in the case of a power failure. The IQ will wait out power failures of up to 10 minutes and resume normal cooking. This backup system means that turning off the Master Switch will not cause the IQ to forget its current instructions.

the one worry we have around here is the iffy power grid (especially during thunderstorm season) and even with the backup genny kicking in after 10 seconds, the AQ will stop cooking.

this feature would certainly address that concern.
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