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Just finishing some ribs. Cooked 5 hours at 225 degrees. Two hours before guests arrive. Does the amerique automatically go into a holding mode at a preset temp? Can't find any info in the manual. Or do I set a lower temp, say 140 degrees for two hours as if I was cooking something for 2 hours at 140 degrees?
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The Amerique has an internal probe which lets it go into a hold cycle once it reaches the internal temperature you desire. Another option is to double foil, towel and cooler once it's done. It will stay hot for several hours. You can always manually set the smoker to hold at, say, 140* also.

Sorry this is late. Hope it helps for next time.
Not sure about the question, are you asking about trying to automatically go to hold or have it do it for you at a set time?


For new users, The finishing temp is a target not a specific one. And never do it for ribs. Unless you've done it a bunch of times and have the times/temps down you like, then okay. But ribs have more variance than any other product to finish, that's why I will never give you a temp for ribs, because as Tom said above, there's a lot of variation to consider.

I know of ONE team that tries to cook ribs by a temp, but even they will tell you it's not exact.
To quote the manual "hold mode goes into effect at the end of both cooking modes and remains in effect until manually turned off." I understand that to mean... if I choose a 225 degrees temp. for 5 hour, at the end of 5 hours it goes into a holding mode. My timer started counting backwards and the temp did decrease but I think it was because I open the smoker. My question is if the all happens automatically...what is the hold temp programed into the control unit. If it isn't auto. I guess the smoker keeps cooking at 225...I wouldn't call that a holding mode. I think I will phone CS. Thanks for the responses!
It goes to hold at the end of the set time, so at 5 hours, it will go to 140.


The residual heat will take time to disappear, and because the insulation is so good, that could be a while (I can't guess, maybe an hour)

The easiest is to open the door, Dump some heat out and it will hold.

That's the same electronics in the commercial CS line and FE's, so the hold feature does work.

But don't cook ribs that way, it won't be successful.
I guess the disadvantage,or maybe advantage,of having to spend a lot of our time cooking on cookers,that leaked-bad,weren't insulated,weren't tuned for consistent temps,were completely thrown off by wind and rain,and needed to be fed every 45 mins,and didn't live with home electronics that you controlled on our way home on the interstate,we never figured bbq would be space science.

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The thought was always,"it is the cook,not the cooker".

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My how things has changed in these modern days. Wink

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