I've got six butts cooking with temp set at 235 with ambient temp of 33 degrees. Mine has the 1000 watt element but the interior temp is only 220 degrees.

Should I increase the set temp setting as I need these to be done by lunch tomorrow?
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How long were they in?

Yeah if you want them for lunch tomorrow you may want to kick up the heat a tad
You didn't say how big they were on when you put them on and what temp they are now, so I'm guessing but this morning turn it up to 250 and let her rip.
They went on at 5:30 yesterday and are 6.5-7lbs. Later in the eveneing the temp read 232 but this morning at 7 a.m. they had been holding for 4 hours with a set temp of 192. I have never had them cook so fast. The probe did not hit bone but I am concerned that they may be underdone. Not good...
192 isn't overdone, I'll pull mine around 195 or higher.

The key isn't temp, is resistence. Push a temp probe into the meat and "feel" for resistence. If there is little to none, then they are done.

Typically the center because of mass will be the last thing to get tender.

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