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Looks like Cookshack had a great June. I've been watching for a used one for awhile (Craigslist and ebay) but nobody ever sells. That's just one more reason to buy one. The Father's Day sale finallly pushed me off the ledge. My Amerique arrived Thursday.

I went ahead and blew the GFI when seasoning. After reading all of the threads, it seemed like a right of passage that had to be done. I made sure I bent the heating element up a little so it was touching the smoke box and the two chunks of wood burned in a few hours to complete ash. The inside of my smoker now looks like it is two years old.

On my first smoke now. Two pork butts. It's back in the GFI outlet and working flawlessly. I'm using the probe in one of the butts and have it set for 195.

A couple of questions:

I tried to put another temp probe in the other butt but the bent end of my other probe wouldn't fit through the smoke vent hole. Can you close the wire in the door rather than feedng it through the vent or would that ruin the wire?

Does the bottom rack cook a lot faster? I have the butts on the 2nd rack and was going to put some ribs in later but need two racks for the ribs. Should I use the first and third or is the fourth one ok to use? It seems awfully close to the heating element.
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Originally posted by G Que:
Congrats on a great purchase. I had the same prob but solved it by pushing the plug end from inside the smoker through the vent hole up.

I tried but it has a bent plug on that end also.

Well, everything turned out great. The ribs on the bottom rack were a little more done and a little drier but certainly edible.

Putting the cover on is like trying to wear a pair of jeans from twenty years ago. In the instructions, it says to "leave the door ajar when not in use". If I do this, there is no way the cover fits on the smoker. Do others keep the door closed?

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