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Had some various peppers hanging out and decided to try something different with them from some of the other recipes here. My aim was to smoke then dry them until crispy to crush or blend in a coffee grinder for use as a hot spice for whatever.

I used Habanero, Jalapeno, and some local Yellow Hots (I don't know their real name but fairly hot and very tasty). Lopped off just a bit of the stem end, halfed each leaving the seads in, and seasoned lightly with Adobo Badia. Estimated 3 oz of Hickory at 225 for 2 hours would be plenty of smoke, it was. Took them out after the 2 hours and placed them in the dehydrator at 150, the highest it goes, and let them go until crispy. About 3 hours. I ate a couple of halfs to see how they are, smoky, hot, and just right for what I wanted. We've already used some for a salsa and I can't believe how the smoke changed the taste! GREAT, with a bit of a kick! This ground up fine will be an excellent addition for a hotter rub.

Any comments?

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Originally posted by GLH:
Are chipotles only made from jalapeno peppers, or are they made with others, like bell or banana?

While any pepper can be smoked, it is only the jalapeno that becomes the chipotle (or it is sometimes called chile ahumado)...other peppers go by different names when smoked..

I have found the name of the yellow hots; Santa Fe Grande or Guero. They are a "common wax pepper that starts out yellow and turns thru orange to medium red. About the same size and shape as a Jalapeno, 2500-10,000 Scoville." They are very tasty and the oils seem to dissipate faster than Jalapenos which are also rated 2500-10,000 Scoville. A typical Habanero is rated 15,000 Scoville. I would guess the smoked/dried chilli above to be in the neighborhood of 8,000-11,000 Scoville. It seems everyone I have shared this with remarks at the smokey/pepper aroma as very good and they all seem to like the added taste and heat it gives food. I will do this again but, as SmokinOkie suggests, they'll stay in the smoker until done.
After having my gall bladder taken out a few years ago, after this thread was started, I have found I can handle jalapenos just fine and love them and Poblanos. I grew a lot of both this year. I smoked a lot of them that I didn't use making fresh pico de gallo. The jalapenos were sliced in half lengthwise and deseeded. The poblanos were cut into quarters lengthwise and deseeded. Used lots of wood, smoke on 150-180 for 2 hours, open door for 1 minute, let go another hour, check them, then check every 30 minutes til you like the results. Bring them inside to dry on paper towels. You can dehydrate them at this point, but I just put in freezer bags and froze. They give a great taste to salsa. Also good chopped up onto a salad.

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