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My father picked up a taste for Carolina style bbq while he lived down there. They favor vinegar based sauces at the table and no wood on the smoke. The classic 'Carolina cooker' is propane fired, and the only smoke is generated from the fat hitting the metal.
I have taken plain pork butt hit hard with salt and black pepper and cooked it in the electric smoker with no wood. The bits with the salt and pepper are tasty, but without any sauce the finished pulled product tastes a lot like pork roast. At this point drenching it with spiced vinegar does not seem to be the solution. But I wouldn't turn away a serving. To each his own, and to some more than other's.
I tend to lump all of Carolina together, it is hard for me to wrap my head around east South Carolina and west South Carolina. The biggest bbq feud in that area involves whether dry mustard should be added to vinegar sauces, and whether the Carolina Gold is actually bbq or just mustard. Anyway, if you have encountered any of this then you should have seen someone trailing a pig roaster from their pickup truck. If not, go find someone and try it
Years ago, I did a test for someone looking at an FE smoker.

I smoke one with nothing on it but hickory / pecan. Did others with rub, etc.

The first slab he at, the "naked" ribs he said were the best ribs he ever ate..until he had the ones with rub on them.

No rub is fine, I just think it's pretty subtle flavor for most people to pick up. Lot of restaurants smoke them that way to save money, but cover them with sauce.

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