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I have always been a believer that if something looks to good to be true then stay away because there is going to be a catch!

I am having trouble finding the catch one this one tough. I got to know this fellow when I sold a grill to him. He owns and operates a small meat wholesale business. I would say him and his partner move around 40,000# per week. He stopped by the other day and said he wanted me to take a look at some lip off ribeye he was getting quite a bit of.

They are a no roll (not graded) but are lip off and run between 10# and 16#. I got a case from him to try and they are actually really well marbled and work great for sandwich steaks. Good upper choice lip on ribeye from Sysco this week was priced at $9.62 per # (case price) so as everyone knows going into July 4th weekend steaks tend to get high. I about spit my teeth out when this guy priced them to me at $3.75#. Figured I would be buying junk but these things are legit.

The brand name on the box is Circle T Beef which is a Cargill product.

He gets about 1.5 to 2 skids per week. I know he isn't making much but why would Cargill be letting these go at that price? I am thinking cow meat or something but the fat isn't yellow and they are well marbled and tender. He has been buying them since last November and has no reason to believe the supply will dry up any time soon.

Any thoughts?


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Folks have to pay to have their meat graded, so some of them just take a cut on the price and sell it ungraded. We see a few briskets at walmart that are like that, ungraded.

Have a buddy that works at Cargill in the options department, seen him at my class reunion and asked him about pork. I didn't realize that they only deal with beef now?

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