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i'm thinking of trying out stuart's prime rib version 2 in my AQ.

anyone know if the AQ is settable to 125F as described in the last step below??


Stuarts Prime Rib Version 2

Hi boys 'n' girls! About a year or so ago I posted my experiences with cooking a rib roast in my CS smoker. I have a new and I think VASTLY improved receipe to share.

I started with (2) 10 lb rib roast cut off the bone and tied back on for cooking. I let them rise to nearly room temperature before giving them a liberal rub of fresh ground Tellicherry peppercorns and kosher salt. I preheated my CS to 225 without wood since we weren't lookin' for a smoky flavor this time. At the same time I cranked up the gas oven in my range to maximum, 600?F (you MAY need to use a grill for that temp). I do this an hour before cooking just so they are properly heat soaked.

I put the roasts on a rack in a large pan and put it in the oven for 15 minutes with the convection on to give an incredible sear. I then removed the meat and put them both near the top of the CS. I installed a remote thermometer in one roast and cooked until the temp read 115?F (about 2 hours) I then decreased the temperature to 140 until the internal temperature reached 125?F (about 1 hour) It was then time to do a LONG rest for the meat so I lowered the temperature to 125 and the internal temp of the meat continued to rise to 140?F over time. I "rested" the meat at 125 indicated on the CS for 3 hours.

This made for the MOST tender and juicy rib roast I've ever had by a large margin and I have had some REALLY good ones!
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I've done some testing on mine and it can be set to 125 and hold around that temp but I'm not sure how stable it is at low temps. Being able to set to low temps is good for smoking using cures but may not be desirable for regulars smokes. Meats without cures need to be kept in environments of 140 degrees or above for food safety. trying to "cook" for long periods at 125 would not be 'safe'.

Cooking prime rib at lower temps around 200-220 will give the results you may be seeking. I've done prime rib roast this way with great results; very minimal overcook of the outside perimeter of meat. You can see pics at this thread: Boneless Prime Rib
I used the perfect rib recipe that TN Q used. I smoked mine at 180*, the last one I let go until an internal temp of 132* and then let rest wrap in double foil for 1 hr. I then seared at 550* in my oven for 10 minutes.

I like to let the smoker prewarm before putting in the prime rib.

I gotta say, I've never ate a better prime rib in my life.

Smokin's Prime rib is a must read. He has recipes on how to make Au Jus in there also.
it was delicious

smoked to 115F at 220F, dropped to hold temperature of 140F til the prime rib reached 125F. at that point, found out the AQ refused to accept a temperature below 140F once the probe temperature had been reached. ended up restarting the AQ with the desired 125F hold temp, and leaving the door partially open during the 20 minute full power burn.

final temp of 129F. tasted great w. the au jus and horse radish sauce from the 101!!

seared in a 500F convection oven and removed bones prior to slicing.

might go a bit higher in temperature if we're feeding the inlaws
Yum Yum, nice job! This is just the way I like mine, but Mom and Sonja wants their's just a little more done. With the knowledge of Smokin's PR 101, I have learned that I can just put some HOT Au Jus on top of a slice and like MAGIC it turns a light brown color.

Some quick thinking from a pitmaster had you knowing how to work around the warmup period of your smoker. As Tom is quick to point out, "those folks that go out and cook something are way ahead of the cooks that try to play around with their smoker"...just a thought!

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