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I found I neat little stainless bowl that would just fit under my 025 to catch the drippings and thought I had done well. Let the smoker run over night and when I went outside this morning I guess I moved the smoker a bit when I was closing the door and I had drippings all over the patio. Need new plan.

I would like to put some rails under the smoker to hold the pan in place. Does anyone have a nifty way of doing this? I do not have the resources to weld stainless, so I will need a solution that doesn't require welding.
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I lay what the restaurant folks call a 1/2 sheet pan under mine. Any bakers in the family will have a couple - use the one that is most beat up. Or buy a new one for about 8 bucks from a rest supply retailer.

It's long enough that I can see the front of it (Reminds me that its there). Fits right between the wheels. Deep enough to not overflow. And my dog thinks its the best invention ever...


I just got my 025 a couple weeks ago and I put a drip pan with a big rock underneath it so the wind can't get it. Also just to be super-safe (since we recently had our deck stained), I put a sheet of aluminum foil under the front casters, so even if the pan moves we're still good to go!

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