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After 6 1/2 years, my FEC100 needed new wheels. I thought that they might have been included in the warranty Big Grin but it was a mite too long ago. went with 4" wheels as I have a new toy hauler with a taller door.

This is a premier smoker that lasts a lifetime as long as it is properly maintained. Thank you for being "Made in America" Cookshack.
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Here are some photos of the new vs old wheels. Went with 5" rubber/iron swivel wheels from Harbor Freight. These were the largest I could get and still maintain the same mounting assembly. Didn't want to pay for a bunch of mods as these have worked for the last 6 years on all types of surfaces to include mud, just needed a bit of butt behind them Smiler

this photo shows the delimination of the wheel material

this shows the height difference (approximately 1 ")

This is a good side view
Hey guys... Got some new shoes for my FEC100 too...



I went with 6" pneumatic wheels. So far testing shows they are rolling great. They are really helpful in getting on and off the deck and in and out of the trailer. It does raise the height by about 3 inches, but so far that hasn't proven to be a problem.
True... but it rolls so well Smiler

I use my FEC both at home on my back deck and for competition, these wheels really help in moving over the "bumps in the road" between my back deck and being loaded on my trailer.

Probably going to really stink the first time I get a "flat"... wonder if they make these things in run-flats?

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