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Boy fellas, I seen some storms in my 66 years, but Sandy did a real number here in Jersey. Was watching The Weather Channel Monday and all we knew when we lost power was it was gonna turn inlaid right into our area. No power, no heat, no cable, no water... We waited, even with our trusty iPad and iPhones we could not get a decent cell signal at all, to make calls to look at radar updates. We waited in the dark for her to come. And she did. We managed to live thru it, we're 12 miles inland. But in the morning when the wind died down we had lost 9 trees. And it was 5 days before we got our power back. I had a bunch of stuff I lost in the fridge. I had a whole brisket in the freezer and it held up until we got power back, I immediately put a rub on her and cooked it off overnight.

Then 5 days later we had 12 inches of wet very heavy snow that took out more trees and we lost power yet again for 5 more days. But now it was quite cold. We got up at dawn and went to bed at dusk. May as well, there was a 7 to 7 curfew in effect until last weekend.

But we managed, once the dust settled I went to Sams Club and got a Honda Black Max generator and a new Char-Broil propane grill with a side burner. I have had a friend up from Florida, a tree service guy, cutting uo all the downed trees and working the yard over.

Let me tell you normal sure feels good, it's great being back on here and seeing the posts. Give your family a big hug and while you have time look over your insurance policies to make sure you have the best coverage you can,


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Mike, glad you are okay. You have it twice as bad as I did here in Northern NJ. We only had one downed tree, but lost power for 5 days, we were lucky enough to get a generator on Saturday before the storm. We didn't lose it during the second weather event. We were very lucky. You will be grateful for that generator. I certainly was for ours, we did what we could and gave an extension line to our next door neighbors. Everyone came together to support each other. Don't forget a few of those five gallon gas cans.

Glad to hear that things are back to normal and I hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


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