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Starting to run a little low on wood and have been looking around. Looks like the Cookshack wood has bark on it. Have found a couple other places that sell chunks with and without bark. Doing a find on here came up with mixed results.

So what kind of wood do you use? Bark or no bark? And do you think it makes a difference?
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My thinking is it's one of those "preference" kind of things. If you think you have to not have bark, okay.

Me? doesn't matter. In the small amounts in the CS, whatever theory some people have about bark just isn't enough to really matter in a normal smoke.

If you really want, try it both ways and see if you notice.
I have read that if you leave the bark on it has a little bitter taste, I have not noticed this at all. as far as wood my favorite is cherry wood over all but it really depends on what you like and what your smoking some woods go better with some meats then others. like i use hickory when I'm making beef jerky more thing ~ you pay more money for wood that is debarked !!

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