I am going to build a place to BBQ, I am using my porch that I modify by putting up plywood 4' high around the 3 open sides to serve as a wind break, the 4th side is the house. I do use caution and have grill sheets on the ground under the smoker.

I live in NW pa so lots of snow, wind and cold during the winter which is when I have a chance to BBQ.

I have a Weber natural gas grill and 2 WSM, 1 18 and a 22.

Want some ideas on what to build, I do not want it attatched to the house for safety reasons.
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If you bought a Cookshack smoker you could smoke on an iceberg floating near the north pole with 60mph winds and you still wouldn't need to build an enclosure. True, you'd be contaminating a pristine wilderness, contributing to global warming, and making yourself a prime target for a polar bear attack, but you'd have some good Q. Smiler
I have my AmeriQue on the back wooden covered deck with a large grill sheet under it to catch any drippings. Don't have the cold and snow you have but have lots of rain and humidity and have never had a problem. Stick it on the porch and fire it up and enjoy! Big Grin
PA_BBQ -- Take a look at some of current CS owners setups here. Lots of ideas & great pics.

Todd is correct; Weather has little to no effect on the CS smokers.

Might also want to check out Mainely Daves website. I believe Maine is just a tad colder than PA. Wink

Good luck & happy smoking! Big Grin

Oopsie! Addendum here - Didn't realize that you didn't own a Cookshack (you ought to). Still, check out the setups!

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