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Hey guys.  Not sure if I can post this here or not but we are having to sell our brand new full mobile kitchen complete with FEC300.  Its a 24ft interior with 8' ceiling.  Capable of serving 1500+ at full capacity.   2 refrigerators, one food, one beverage.  36" grill, 36" oven/6 burner range, 50 lb 2 basket deep fryer, cold well, warming oven and full function bathroom.  Works awesome at festivals and would be great for competitions.  Email me for more pics and price.


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Wow looks simply gorgeous! Does it need any upgrades? My husband has always dreamed about a mobile kitchen, and I think it will be a nice anniversary gift for him. Although, I'm not a grill lover. I'm more into greens, salads, vegan food and smoothies. Last year he gave me one the latest blender by Vitamix. According to blenderjournal, it's one of the best on the market, and the price definitely corresponds with its features. I was really impressed with how easy it completes a wide variety of tasks. Anyway, let me know if it's still available. We could do a great job together.

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Sorry for such a long drought posting.

DUE TO Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021 were obviously were forced to sell.

Fortunately we did end up selling to a gentleman in North Carolina.  Unfortunately we took a tremendous loss on the trailer.  But I have to do this and I hope the right people at Cookshack see this.

This FEC300 was by far, and I mean by extremely far, THE BEST AND MOST CONSISTENT, MOSTS RELIABLE, WELL INSULATED, ABSOLUTELY THE MOST JOYFUL SMOKER I HAVE EVER USED,  SEEN OR RESEARCHED.  This smoker was ungodly amazing.  We did have some issues at the very beginning (NOT AT ANY FAULT OF COOKSHACK) from the builder (trailer builder not affiliated with cookshack) that installed it.  What an idiot.  Thank god for Cookshacks awesome customer service for helping us through that.  We will return to bbq some day and I did shed a tear when the trailer left us.  Man i hated to get rid of that smoker.  What a beast it was.  Thank you Cookshack for an amazing product and simply awesome customer service.  WE WILL BE BACK SOMEDAY.


Don Bailey

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