Had done beef ribs a couple times with variable results.

Impulse buy at grocery store for some good looking beef back ribs. Came home to read up on the forum and found some folks discouraged beef back ribs due to lack of meat and difficulty removing the membrane.

Membrane was difficult to get started but came off relatively easy once it was started.

Rubbed with Mccormicks garlic pepper and Butchers premium rub. Same basic combo I use for brisket. Into cold AQ smoker set to 225 with hickory and cherry. After 2 hours, upped it to 250. Ribs went total of 5.25 hours. No foil.

Removed when toothpick easily slid through. IT was 200 F.

Sliced and served after resting about 10 minutes.

Results were very good, and I would definitely cook them again. The fat rendered nicely. Good beef flavor. Not dry at all. A bit salty, so need to back off on the rub next time.

Served dry with sauce on the side for guests. I tried with and without sauce (Mr T's sauce) and enjoyed both versions, although a minimal amount of sauce is what I would recommend to allow the beef flavor to shine through.

Overall good result.


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Great looking ribs. I haven't done those in quite a while, but I forgot how little time they take compared to a rack of short ribs. I guess I'll have to try them again. You are right that the key is not to dry them out. If you can buy good thick meaty (not trimmed by the store butcher) ones, you are good. Thanks!

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