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No stupid question on this forum, only folks hoping to learn. I've never smoked a brisket that big, but wish I have had the opportunity. I don't change the wood weight when I smoke 10 lb or 15 lb I would just use what I always use. I like about 3ozs of oak,2 ozs cherry, and a little hickory...but like any type of Que'n, it is a personal taste as far as wood is concerned.

Short what you normally do and you'll be happy.
I found an 18 pound packer a couple of weeks ago and bought it because I wanted a challenge. I trimmed it up and took nearly four pounds of fat off of it, leaving a good half inch or so. It cooked very fast. One thing about briskets, they all cook a little differently. I took it up to 205 for pulling and made some great pulled bbq beef sandwiches. Good luck with your monster.
That would be the size we would typically trim out for comps, and folks cook from three to six of them.

The larger size gives you more of the good parts you are looking to slice and the basis for great burnt ends.

Folks cooking packers by the case/cases rarely trim,but on small numbers many do like MAX.

This is not to say that many fine comp cooks won't cook untrimmed,as they can be much easier to trim out after cooking.

Of course,after filling the turnin box,the rest of three packers may go to the trash barrel. Eeker

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