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Recent owner of an sm-260. Seasoned my smoker for 6 hours. Used it for the first time today. Product (brined loin) was very dark and had a almost cigarette like flavour. Any tips on how to eliminate this? Too much wood? I used the wood blocks that were supplied with the smoker, which were hickory, about 10oz.

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If I've learned anything with my sm40 it is I'm not to fond of hickory anymore. Back in my stick burning days id burn a good bit if hickory to cook and smoke. With the Shack I find that I don't care for hickory because of that bitter taste that it gives. I've found that pecan is my new friend and not a lot of it. I can fill the Shack with all that it will hold and still only use 3 to 4 oz. Lessons learned,
I own a SM150 - about half the size of your unit. Specs listed for it's younger sister the SM160 say

"Fuel Usage 1.67 lbs. of wood required to smoke a full 100 lbs. load of briskets"

any ore than about 4 oz of wood in my SM150 is too much - even with a hefty load of food in it...

Try it again but with about 2-3 oz of hickory, or a milder wood, say some maple or apple.
Originally posted by Nomad780:
Thanks for the tips, guys.

I'm on my third cook (pork butts) using less wood and have also changed to Maple (easier to find than pecan where I am). Results have been improving with each cook.

I like maple with chicken (and some Chikky Rub). Bet you have some red oak where you live. Don't be afraid to give it a try. Also, wild apple? Where in Canada are you?

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