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I recently moved to North Carolina, and I'd never before heard of Blue Fish. But, after reading about the fish outside this forum, I was interested in trying it. By happenstance, we found whole Blue Fish at an Asian market today (about $4/lb. after cleaning). Subsequently, I searched the CS forums, and, while Blue Fish was mentioned, I didn't find any pictures or details. So.... Each whole but cleaned fish was about a pound. I didn't brine it--salt, pepper and lemon wedges inside; mustard, salt and pepper on the skin. 2 oz. of cherry. 200* for 90 minutes. Finished internal temp was 150*. Very moist, mild, no fishy taste, and just the right amount of smoke. Prior to this smoke, I'd only tried salmon (which we do frequently), and tuna (which I now grill rather than smoke). Blue Fish is definitely on the agenda to do again.


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If you do a little fishing the bluefish are abundant and easy to catch if you get out to the banks. I have fished them from Maine to Florida and the bluefish in N.C. have a much milder flavor than say Maine or New Hampshire. They are great in the smoker and if you deep fry them with a spicy crispy batter they are some of the best eating you can find. If you go out to fish for them an added bonus is you can pull in some Spanish mackerel which are my favorite fish to smoke. send a private e-mail if you need more info on fishing the banks or smoking/cooking the blue fish.


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