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I have a whole venison hind quarter that i would like to smoke, I see some comments from 2003 but I was wondering if anyone had built on those posts with good results. A lot of the information seems to be about de-boned venison but I would like to try this with the bone in to help maintain moisture. Thoughts?

I am still trying to figure out how to position the thing.
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Absent any further advice here is what I plan to do with my 8lb, bone-in Venison hind-quarter. The beast should be thawed be tomorrow morning so I got out my 10 gal tub that I use to brine Thanksgiving turkeys in. I am thinking a red wine/citrus brine along the following lines.

3 crushed Louisiana Organic Oranges (I just bought 10lbs for a different project)
1 crushed head of garlic (also good Louisiana produce, the deer was shot here so why not stay with the theme?)
1 bottle of red wine, probably a Rioja because I have some extra and I think it works well with the involved flavors
½ cup of salt
½ cup of white sugar
½ cup of brown sugar
¼ cayenne pepper
maybe some vinegar, ½ cup or so
probably 3 gallons of water
Then smoke the sucker with cherry (3oz) for 11 hours at 210. I know this seems a bit long but it is a bone in cut. It was just shot a few days ago so I am anxious to get this train moving.

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