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So I'm excited to do some smoking again. I used to have an el cheapo brinkman that was finally donated to a yard sale a couple years ago, it was just too inconsistent. Been wanting to get another smoker but wanted a good one this time, spotted the 008 on craigslist this morning and jumped on it. It's only been used a few times, and since I don't know the previous owner, I'm wondering if I should season it again before I use it. Our grocery store has boston butt for .99lb this week so I'm thinking I may start with that.
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Congrats on your find!

If it's not been used too much I would liightly scrape the sides, top & bottom with a plastic scraper. Then wipe it down with a damp rag/cloth (no cleaners).

Toss in a fatty pork butt & about 4-6 oz of wood. Set er on 225* and let the CS perform it's magic. This should reset any seasoning that may have been lost during the gentle cleaning.

Don't forget to cover the bottom & wood box with foil. Punch a hole in the foil (drain hole).

Welcome to the forum! Make sure to read the Lessons for new users, and read the 101s a time or two.

Plenty of great cooks here to help you along - after you read first, of course!

Have fun & Good Luck! Big Grin
Just reporting back on the first smoke...the butt came out great! It took 16 hrs to get to 195, I did raise it from 225 to 250 for the last 2 hours. Used 5oz of hickory and I think it was about right, I could maybe go for a little more but wife said it was perfect. I debated about leaving the fat cap or trimming it and I did end up trimming the butt. Still was plenty tender, and I figured I'd end up with more brown that way.

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