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Hey guys, just got a brand new smoker here(45) and have been reading up on everything from you guys... I currently am following the "Incredible Brisket Recipe" posted earlier, (Thanks Onesharp) but have a few questions... 1) the Flat I bought is only 5.75 lbs, so how long roughly do u guys think? 2) curious to see other feedback on wrap in foil or don't wrap... and if wrap how long? Thanks in advance for the input! I am on here reading quite a bit from you guys so it's greatly appreciated from a new owner!
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Welcome aboard and congrads on your new smoker. I assume you've seasoned your smoker. My .02 on your first brisket is just go for it and take good notes. The meat will be done, when it's done, so your temp probes will be important. Try no foil this time, foil next time, inject no inject, marinade, no marinade. Bunch of different methods to get some great or not so great meat, just depends on your cut of meat and what you prefer. Good luck and post some pic's.
Welcome to the Cookshack forum and family of happy CS owners.

As jcohen suggests, start with simplicity...season, smoke at 225, test for tender once you're at the 190 o mark, foil & hold for an hour...slice and eat.

A VERY basic brisket time guideline is 1.25 hrs @ pound at 225.

Foiling or wrapping with butcher (un-waxed) paper is done right at or just prior to plateau (145-160) Experience taught me that flats tend to benefit from wrapping; packers, not so much. Key to success in either is quality USDA Choice product.

Keep notes and make minor adjustments as you go. Let us know how the flat goes.
Like the good cooks above said.I'm no expert,but I've cooked with a few.
There proven advice is,

first and most important tip is completely ignore the Incredible Brisket Recipe.

K.I.S.S. until you learn what a good brisket tastes like and how to produce one.Those good notes and one change at a time that Smokin' advocates,seem to produce the best cooks.
Thanks for the kind words
.Maybe it comes from all those years of trying "new tricks" Big Grin when I should have stuck with the K.I.S.S. and followed Smokin's advice about one small change at a time and write them down.

That way when I get lucky and hit a good one,I'll know how to reproduce it-like good cooks do.

Smokin' knows stuff! Cool

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