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I am going to smoke my first brisket in my Smokette elite(SM025). Brisket is 10lbs. Should I
go by time or internal temp. The cookbook (Blue in color) that came with my smoker list 14 hours for a 10 lb. Brisket, however, on line at Smokeshack's beef recipes it list 10 hours for a 10 lb. brisket.
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Have a read through this brisket forum, check out the brisket 101 link.

For me, it's neither time nor temp.

Both are guides to get you there, but the temp isn't a guarantee because no two briskets are alike.

Key is as Andy said, once you get in the area, then the resistence is the key to telling when it's done.

Time will come with experience. Depends on the size, shape, thickness of the brisket. Your smoker, the temp. How many times you open the door (if it's a cookshack).


IGNORE all the times in that book. Come here first.

Smokin'g isn't a recipe. That book will get you close, but theres a lot of info that isn't in there.

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