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This was an email, repeated here for your information:

Just got a Smokette 2 and tried it out this past weekend. I seasoned it for four hours with 6 ounces of hickory. I bought a 4.6 pound Angus certified brisket $3.79/pound). I followed the directions and cooked it at 225 degrees for about 10 hours. The internal
temperature registered 160 degrees.

The brisket was chewy and not tender.

Seems like 225 degrees is a little high for brisket and next time I plan to cook at 200 degrees. What are your thoughts on this? Is there a temperature per pound estimated cooking time guide?

Smokin's reply:
Ole Smokin' here says: "when it's done, it's done" so trying to guess the total time on briskets can be tough, but usually it's about 1.5 to 2 hours per pound.

But that's just a guideline. Keep a good log.

My guess is that you took it off WAY to early. At 160, the colagen in the brisket hasn't started to break down.

I cook mine to 190 internal for sliceable and 200 for chopped. If you got the 160 from this forum, I commented that it was too low. Please post this there for others to learn if you would be so kind.

Also, 6 ounces of hickory for one brisket is way too much (unless you want it really smokey). Start with half that amount at most and adjust to your taste (another reason to keep good logs, you'll know how it came out).

225 is not too high. I do all my ribs and brisket at 225. If you drop it to 200, it will take a really, really long time to get to 190 internal. It won't dry out, especially if you're using a cookshack.

Hope that helps, feel free to post your questions to the forum so all can learn. Yours is a very common experience.

Smokin' Okie

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