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You'll find a pretty loyal bunch here talking about Cookshack and believe me, they'll tell you.

For everyone: If you love your cookshack, please post something in the cookshack owners area, visitors look in there and it might be a good place to tell Cookshack what you think.

Now for Outtahere:

my 4 cents on brisket.

If you're not in beef country, get to know your butcher, he'll help you out. But you'll probably have to help him find you the right one since he's probably not a Q'er.

The brisket should be choice or better. I've had good success with CAB (Certified Angus Beef) others don't think CAB is worth the extra $. You don't want to know what I pay for CAB, it'll make you cry. Don't buy select, it's just not gonna be a very good cut (my opinion).

When you get the brisket, take it and bend it end to end -- how flexible is it? The more flex, the better. If it's stiff and doesn't bend, don't buy it. If you haven't tried this experiment, buy two, one flexible one not. You'll see...

Hope that helps. That's my 4 cents.

Smokin Okie
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