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Hi all! I am doing a brisket and will take it up to about 185 foil and cool...We will be eating it a few days later, SO: do I just reheat in foil in the oven (temp and length of time is a ???) slice and serve OR...maybe slice, pour some beef stock on and warm in oven OR...Thanks for your comments!
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I like to put mine in an oven at 300. The time will vary with how large the brisket is. I would not slice it until you have warmed it up. We have reheated sliced pieces before, and they tend to dry out. Always keep the foil tight.
For smaller pieces, microwaves aren't bad. They heat quick and don't let the meat dry too bad. Just remember to use plastic wrap and loose the foil.
Both of above will work.

Leaving them whole and slicing as you need them,is probably best-if you have time.

If doing several and serving close together,we like to chill,slice cold,put in foil pans with the juice we saved from them[or weak beef broth/coffee]

Cover half pan with HD plastic wrap and foil.

Heat in a 250º cooker/oven and pull out as needed.

160º internal is good.

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